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Free Online and Charter Schools in Arizona

Blueprint Education offers three distinctive tuition free charter high schools in Arizona: 

Hope High School (SW Phoenix)

Blueprint High School (Chandler)

Hope High School Online (State wide in Arizona)

Our self-paced learning model combined with small class sizes allow our staff to provide personalized attention and support. Students receive individualized plans that allow them to accelerate their graduation date or get back on track for graduation.

At Hope High School Online, students start any day of the week and learn at their own pace, providing a truly flexible path to earning a high school diploma.

Flexible distance learning – Jr. High or High School

Blueprint Academy
is an accredited distance learning provider, offering 7th-12th grade courses for children and adult students. 

Our private program offers students of all ages, anywhere in the world the flexibility to complete their Jr. High or High School requirements through our self-paced, open enrollment model. 

Blueprint Education has an option for all students looking to earn their high school diploma...whether you're accelerating graduation or going back to earn your diploma as an adult...we are here to help you achieve your goals!

Educational Services and Support

Blueprint Education partners with a wide variety of schools and organizations to provide educational services and support. We offer over 220 AdvancED accredited courses that can fill summer school and credit recovery requirements or fill a gap for schools that don’t have a qualified teacher. 

Therapeutic Programs
Blueprint Education develops customized courses that align with therapeutic programs. Our therapeutic programs are woven into outdoor experience and organized group instruction, with a self-based learning format that adapts to individual student needs.

Alternative Education
Blueprint Education partners with Phoenix area school districts to provide an Alternative Education program for 3rd to 8th graders that provides an off campus placement setting.